** FREE ** - Pastor J's Apologetics Class on Itunes

For all of our "Intelligent Faith 315" viewers, we have recently published a new podcast on Itunes entitled "REASON TO BELIEVE - A Rational Defense of the Christian Worldview".  

This is an Apologetics Training Class that the IF315 team is currently teaching, which covers the following topics and more:

  • What is Apologetics and Why Do It?
  • What is a "Worldview" and Why Does It Matter?
  • Does Absolute Truth Exist, and Can I Know It?
  • Are There Good Arguments For God's Existence?
  • Has Science Eliminated God?

We encourage you to subscribe to it for FREE on Itunes by clicking HERE, and you can also download all the class notes for your own personal study.

We hope that "Reason To Believe" can help train you to be able to have an "Intelligent Faith" and give people good answers when you are asked!

- Pastor J.