5 Great Reasons Why We Need Christian Apologetics

Do we need to be able to defend our faith in today's atheistic culture?

In this short video, I cover 5 simple but powerful reasons that Christian Apologetics is vitally needed for today's secular and, many times, anti-Christian culture.  These are helpful to remind yourself to continue on learning and studying the evidences, and they can also help you motivate other believers around you to equip themselves intellectually to be better witnesses for the truth of Christianity.

The 5 reasons that I mention why Christian Apologetics are needed today, are the following:
  1. Apologetics is BIBLICAL - they are frequently displayed in the Old and New Testament.
  2. Apologetics is HISTORICAL - it has been practiced from the Early Church until today.
  3. Apologetics is LOGICAL - if we really have the Truth, we should be able to demonstrate it.
  4. Apologetics is HELPFUL - many people simply can't believe without evidence and proof.
  5. Apologetics is CRITICAL - the atheistic culture makes evidence a vital tool for sharing our faith.
Keep learning and studying....and have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.