Reason #1 Christianity is Unique: It is Verifiable

Is there anything that makes the Christian worldview unique?

Are there features of Christianity that set it apart from the world's religions?

(1 of 5) There are many features of Christianity that set it apart as absolutely unique and one of a kind in all of the world's beliefs systems.  One of the interesting features of the Christian worldview is that it can be tested through a serious examination of the evidence.  It can be falsified if it is found lacking the necessary proof, or it can be verified through different categories of evidence, whether it be historical, archaeological, scientific, or philosophical.

The same cannot be said for many of the world's 25 major religions.  Buddhism, in many ways, is simply a philosophy that doesn't rise or fall upon any historical verification.  Islam discourages, and in many cases, won't allow an open minded skepticism into the evidence related to Mohammed and his writings.  Pantheism as well, is a metaphysical philosophy that has little or nothing to do with historical facts or archaeological verification.

The fact that the Christian worldview is VERIFIABLE should go a long way in commending it to sincere truth-seekers, and Christians should be aware of this outstanding facet of their worldview.

I encourage you to join us for the entire five part series, and learn how the Christian Worldview is absolutely unique in at least 5 different ways.  Have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.