Reason #2 Christianity is Unique: It is Compatible.

Does the Christian Worldview match up with our Universe?

Is Christianity compatible with our experience of reality?

(Part 2 of 5) This is one of the most important questions that needs to be asked of any/every worldview, but unfortunately gets overlooked quite often - the question of compatibility.  If a worldview claims to be true, and to describe reality in a comprehensive sense, then it must match up with what we see in the universe around us.  If I have to set my worldview aside every time I step outside of my door, then it's not useful practically, but more importantly, it can't be true in reality.

I must test my worldview, and see if it matches up with what I see and experience every day of my life in the world.  If it proves to be incompatible, doesn't match up, and fails to accurately describe reality, then I should abandon my worldview in favor of a stronger one.

I'm thankful (intellectually) that's not the case with the Christian Worldview!

- Pastor J.