Reason #4 Christianity is Unique: It is Receivable.

Why doesn't Christianity have rules and regulations in order to "earn salvation"?

(part 4 of 5) In this short video, we address one of the starkest contrasts between the Christian faith when compared with the 25 major world religions: forgiveness is not earned but received.  Whether it is believed to be true or not, this major difference alone merits the investigation of any genuine seeker of truth.  If in Christianity alone forgiveness and salvation are offered as free gifts to be received, then shouldn't it deserve to be researched to see if it's true or not?  If the Christian faith and worldview shows itself to be veritical and verified by the evidence, then this unique feature of being RECEIVABLE takes on tremendous importance and significance.  

Rather than having to obey hundreds of guidelines in hopes of meriting divine pardon;
instead of needing to sacrifice oneself in a holy war to obtain forgiveness; 
an individual can simply come to Christ and by trusting in Him as the Son of God, 
who died a substitutionary sacrificial death for my moral failures,
and rose again 3 days later to prove His identity, 
that person could simply request and RECEIVE forgiveness and salvation from God.

This unique feature of the Christian worldview truly sets it apart from all other world religions.

- Pastor J.