Reason #5 Christianity is Unique: It is Respectable.

How do the founders of the world's religions compare with Jesus of Nazareth?

Is Jesus Christ unique when compared with Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, and Joseph Smith?

(Part 5 of 5) In the last installment of this series "5 Reasons the Christian Worldview is Unique", today we will be examining the person and life of Jesus of Nazareth, when compared with the other founders of the world's religions.  While the life of an individual doesn't necessarily establish the truth of what that person taught, it still is a very important feature to investigate in a quest for Truth.

The amazing thing that we discover, is that amongst all the world's religious leaders of history, Jesus of Nazareth stands high and above them all in His teachings, His moral example, and His impact upon world history.  This is not a subjective appraisal, but rather it is the verdict of history when the facts are examined in detail.  This makes Christianity, and it's Founder, uniquely RESPECTABLE amongst the belief systems of the world.  A sincere seeker of Truth, would be wise to take this into consideration in their quest of discovery.

In summary then, 5 reasons that Christianity is unique amongst all the worldviews and religions, are the following:
  1. It is uniquely VERIFIABLE - it can be critically analyzed, examined, and rigorously tested through evidential disciplines such as history, archaeology, prophecy.
  2. It is uniquely COMPATIBLE - it describes reality in a way that truly matches up with our daily experience of the world scientifically, philosophically, and morally. 
  3. It is uniquely CENTRAL - as where most religions have a place of prominence for Christ, in the Christian worldview He is at the very center and core of our belief.  He is the Foundation of all that Christianity is and believes and does. 
  4. It is uniquely RECEIVABLE - rather than being an unbearable system of rules and regulations, where salvation can be earned or achieved, biblical Christianity is based upon simply receiving what Christ has accomplished for us.  It is freely receiving the gift of pardon and forgiveness of our sins, through the sacrifice of Christ.
  5. It is uniquely RESPECTABLE - when the life of the founders of the world's religions are compared to the moral example of Jesus, His teachings, and His impact upon world history, Christ stands high and above in a category all by Himself.  There is no one like him in the history of all of mankind's created religions and philosophies.

These are just 5 great reasons, though there are many more, why we should tell our friends and co-workers to begin to examine the Truth claims of Christianity before any other system.  The Christian worldview is supremely unique in all of history.

- Pastor J.