Evil, Suffering, and GOD?!?

Is GOD's existence incompatible with Evil and Suffering?

This is a very interesting and colorful description of Christian Philosopher Dr. Alvin Plantinga's response to the Problem of Evil and Suffering, which is called the Free Will Defense.

Please note that it was Dr. Plantinga that showed demonstratively once and for all that it is not logically inconsistent for an All-Good, All-Knowing and All-Powerful GOD to exist at the same time as evil and suffering.  Now the best argument that atheists can raise is called the "Probablistic Problem of Evil", which states that is it "unlikely that GOD could exist in a reality such as our which is full of suffering".  Even this version of the question is fraught with problems for the atheist and is full of presumptions.

More to follow on this shortly....God bless you all!

- Pastor J.