Evolution: Science or Science Fiction??

What are the odds that must be overcome for Macro-evolution to take place?

In this short but colorful video, Ben Stein analyzes the mathematical odds even a low example biological life, with 250 proteins, arising by purely chance/accidental processes.

Since evolutionists have, at current estimates, under 13.7 billion years for these processes to take place, it is hard to believe that rational intelligent scientists place their trust in such in improbable occurrence.  It seems that it is done because of a prior intellectual commitment to naturalism and atheism, by trust/faith.

It is also very interesting that for this very reason of dramatically improbable odds, the number of Phd scientists around the world that object to Darwinian evolution on purely scientific grounds has been growing every year.

To see/download a document of over 800 international Phd scientists that disagree with the claims and abilities of Darwinian Evolution to produce the complex biological life we see on the earth today, go to www.dissentfromdarwin.org

Have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.