Evolution: "We Don't Know How Life Began."

How do modern day Evolutionists explain the origin of the first Cell?

What mechanism supposedly brought Life out of non-living chemicals?

In this next clip from Ben Stein's "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed", we see that the evolutionary explanation is far from satisfactory.  Essentially, it is admitted by Darwinists that the mechanism is unknown, but it "must be there somewhere" since they prejudicially rule out the possibility of God's existence.

The fact of the matter is that much of what passes for "science' is very unscientific, in that it is not based upon repeatable experimentation and observations, but rather upon a prior philosophical commitment that won't ever change, regardless of the huge amount of evidences that oppose it.  

Also, there are many tests that a healthy and strong Worldview should undergo in order to be intellectually and explanatorily strong.  Some of these would include answers to the questions of meaning, morality, and destiny of the universe.  In addition to having very pathetic answers to these, the evolutionary hypothesis also fails to give any satisfactory answer to the age old question of origins.  

If Darwinists have no compelling mechanism or evidence for the beginning of their science-fiction hypothesis, it is amazing that there are still so many today that blindly follow it by faith.

It feels good to be a Christian, because I sure don't have enough faith to be an Darwinian Atheist.

- Pastor J.