Why Is Evolution So Widely Believed, Question of the week by Dr. Craig

Dear Dr. Craig,
I love your work and your tireless efforts to spread the message of Christ in a intelligent, articulate manner! You have personally brought me to faith in Christ and delivered me, through your various articles and debates, from an atheistic-induced existential depression ( I really contemplated suicide for I thought: Since there is no afterlife... might as well go into oblivion sooner..... ); and for that I cannot thank you enough!
I have 3 questions.
1) Regarding the theory of evolution, why is it so widely accepted in mainstream science? While I am steadfast in the fact that evolution cannot disprove the existence of God; I cannot seem to find any evidence clearly showing the general process of simple organisms evolving into more complex ones. Furthermore, there seems to be a consensus among geologists that the Earth is roughly 6 billion years old, whereas I hear Young Earth Creationists stating that the Earth is only 6 thousand years old. Who is right?
2) If evolution is true, then why didn't God write Genesis differently? Just a simple " and little organisms changed over time " would certainly clear up all the conflict between Creationists and Evolutionists and prevent people from thinking that the Bible is against science or something. In line with this thinking, why didn't God put the Big Bang Cosmology theory in Genesis? " In the beginning, the universe was a hot dense state. Then, it expanded! "
3) What is going to happen to the Reasonable faith ministry should you retire or be called to be with Christ? Is it going to continue under another scholar(s)? Or will it ceased to exist? ( the horror! =D)
Please give me links or additional information regarding these topics
Once again, I really thank you for your work and pray that God blesses and keeps you, and everything you hold dear, well.
Warm Regards,
United States

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