Coming To A Church Near You! - "Intelligent Faith 315" ?!?

Want "Intelligent Faith 315" to come and speak at your church or school?

If you've ever wanted to have a weekend conference or afternoon seminar at your church or school, here's your chance!  You can have the teachers of "Intelligent Faith 315" come and speak on a great variety of topics demonstrating the evidence and rationality of the Christian worldview and faith.  These topics include:
  • "Science: Has It Eliminated the Need for God?"
  • "The Absurdity of Atheism"
  • "5 Unique features of Christianity"
  • "The Bible: Can We Really Trust It?"
  • "GOD: Can We Prove That He Exists?"
  • "Jesus: Did He Really Live and Rise From the Dead?"
  • And many, many more.....
If these or other topics are of interest to you, you can contact us via the email option on our website or through  We aren't interested in making money through this.  We simply would be privileged to join you in educating Christians and unbelievers alike in the amazing evidence and powerful proof that exists for the truth of the Christian worldview.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Until then, have an Intelligent Faith!

Pastor J.