Disenchantment with Atheism

Dear Dr. Craig,
I am writing to you out of a genuine interest to have my concerns addressed. I am now and have been for some time an atheist; however, I am increasingly finding myself unsatisfied with this position and I really want to believe in God. But there are things I cannot reconcile.
The arguments for God's existence presented here and elsewhere can, at best, only support the idea of deism, or an impersonal God that is not actually involved in creation. The cosmological argument, for example, even if true, says nothing about a personal and omniscient God.
An impersonal God not involved in creation is still not enough for mankind to have "goodness" and "everlasting life".
Here is my problem: everything about the way the universe is suggests an indifferent universe. Evolution is true; but then, what is the point of it for a personal God? And because evolution is true, at what point does a life form "acquire" a soul?
What is the point of all that space in the vast cosmos if God is concerned with Earth? Why are there so many natural phenomena - black holes, pulsars, radiation, etc, if God is concerned with mankind?
The indifference of nature - and the fact that Earth is such a small drop in the vast bucket of the cosmos - suggests an indifferent universe. I simply cannot reconcile this with the idea of a personal God, because creation does not seem to exist for the development of human beings alone.
The fact that so many religions have existed throughout history suggests that religion is a cultural phenomenon, too. How do you reconcile this?
I am genuinely curious and I have been seeking answers for some time now. I greatly prefer a world with God to a world without one, but to me, the universe seems too indifferent to support the idea of a personal God.

United States

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