Do You Know The 4 Foundational Reasons for Apologetics?

Pt.3 - "What Is Apologetics and Why Do It?"

- Pastor J. 

(pt.3 of 3) This is our new "Reason To Believe" Video Apologetics Class, taught especially with our web audience in mind.  The lessons will be in short 20 minute segments and will be developing an overall cumulative case for the Christian Worldview.  

Here in Lesson #1, I go over what the essential definition of "apologetics" is biblically, and then I cover four foundational reasons why we as believers need to be engaging in the defense of our faith.  If you are new to Apologetics, I especially encourage you to go over this material.  But even if you are a veteran to christian apologetics, take the time to go through it, as it will serve as a good reminder to the good reasons we have for defending the Christian Worldview.

Have an Intelligent Faith! 

- Pastor J.