Dr. Alvin Plantinga - "Is A Person Only Material and Physical?"

Are atheists correct that the soul/mind of a human is only an illusion? 

One of the brightest minds on the intellectual and philosophical landscape today, Dr. Alvin Plantinga, gives some great insights and perspectives on this hot topic of what is commonly referred to as "the Mind/Body problem".

The challenging aspect for the atheist/naturalist/materialist is that they must be able to demonstrate that a wide hosts of immaterial objects don't exist, even though the vast majority of philosophers hold that they do.  These would include memories, mathematical concepts, objective morality, laws of logic, geometrical shapes to name only a few.  If even one of these immaterial/non-physical realities exist, it would seem that naturalism/materialism is out of a job, philosophically speaking!

Among these immaterial objects that we believe exists (and can demonstrate empirically through reliably documented Near Death Experiences) is the human soul, often referred to as "the mind" or "consciousness".

Listen to the insight of Dr. Alvin Plantinga, one of the greatest Christian philosophers of our times, and see what you think.

Have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.