Equipping the saints with Apologetics

Here at Intelligent Faith we have partnered up with the Christian Apologetics Alliance (CAA) by posting on their blog on a regular basis with other Apologists and also became a part of their blog team.

The CAA has started a petition for church leaders and churches to equip the people by teaching Apologetics. As many of you may know the number of "Nones" are rising. What are "Nones"? A "None" is basically someone that does not identify with any kind of religion, including atheism and agnosticism. That is a result of many reasons and we as Apologists need to do our part to educate people of the evidences that lead to a creator God through Apologetics.

As follows is a short extract from the petition and a link to it. If the Lord leads, please sign it and leave a comment.

"We of the Christian Apologetics Alliance write to you today to thank you for all you are doing to equip the body of Christ in the midst of a faith crisis that is evident in the rise of the “Nones”–those who claim no religious affiliation.  We know you are aware of the problem, and of the need for those with questions to have answers. If we put all of our voices together, perhaps they will hear that there are answers and seek them? Will you add your voice to this petition and proclaim that you are committed to learning and equipping your church with apologetics?"
Click HERE for the petition.

Thank you and have an Intelligent Faith!!