"Has Science Eliminated GOD?" - Pastor J.

Here are 5 good reasons why Christians can answer "no" to that question. 

In this teaching, I investigate the all important question:

"Has Science Eliminated the Need for God?"

 In a culture that is growing increasingly more committed to materialistic naturalism, and to a strong devotion to "scientism", this is an extremely important issue to know how to address with your colleagues and friends when discussing the Christian Worldview.

Here are 5 reasons why science HAS NOT eliminated the need for God:

1. The "Founding Fathers" of science were mostly Theists or Deists.

 2. 95% of science has nothing to do with Christianities truth claims.

3. 5% of science does intersect with our worldview and is tremendously supportive of

         belief in God.

4. 'Scientism' is a logically self-defeating/self-contradictory idea

5. There are many realities that we believe in that are non-physical and outside the 

    realm of scientific verification (morality, mathematics, logic, love, etc...)

Have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.