Pt.2 - "War of the Worldviews" with Pastor J.

Can you explain the differences between Christianity and the 6 other major Worldviews?

(pt.2 of 3) 

This is Lesson #2 in our video class on foundational Christian Apologetics, entitled 

"The War of the Worldviews" .  Here I begin to cover what a worldview is, what the seven major worldviews are, and how each of them compares to Christian Theism in terms of their logical consistency and evidential strength. In today's culture of Pluralism (many roads to God), Syncretism (the combining of many different religions/philosophies into one), and Relativism (all truths are subjective and not absolute), having a solid understanding of worldviews in general, and of the Christian worldview in particular, is absolutely vital.

As one man said, Christians need to start thinking "Worldview-ishly" as we share our faith and live out our beliefs in public.  I hope this teaching is of benefit to you, and that you can grow of your understanding in this very important area of our thinking.  

Here is a wonderful book by Dr. Norman Geisler if you want to study deeper in this area of your thinking and faith: 

"Worlds Apart: A Handbook On Worldviews"

.  It can be found 


 on Amazon. 

Have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.