Christianity needs Philosophy?!?

"Philosophy is simply this: 
thinking deeply about the things that matter most."
- Dr. Plantinga

Dr. Alvin Plantinga, one of the brightest Christian Philosophers today, comments here on the benefit and the potency of Philosophy when discussing religious ideas and concepts.

His perspective, as seen in this video, should give good motivation to any serious thinking Christian and non-Christian to engage in a decent amount of training in philosophy.  It surely is one of the best tools available to mankind to be able to distinguish between truth and error, between what is logically impossible, necessary, or simply logically possible in reality.  As you will discover, philosophy always has and always will be vitally important to the study of metaphysics, logic, and ethics, and of course, religion as well.

Enjoy Dr. Plantinga's lucid insights and light hearted comments!

- Pastor J.