Evolution Disproves Naturalism?!? - Dr. Alvin Plantinga

Is Naturalism a self-defeating idea 

for a Darwinian Evolutionist to hold?

One of the most prominent and effective Christian philosophers alive today,

Dr. Alvin Plantinga

, has developed and interesting and potent argument against the idea of Naturalism using the supposition of biological evolution.

This line of reasoning, termed

"An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism"

presents a  significant challenge to the intellectual consistency and credibility of  a person claiming to believe in both of these ideas simultaneously.

If you haven't yet read any of Dr. Plantinga's work on the

"Free Will Defense"

for the Problem of Evil, the explanation of

Properly Basic Beliefs

, and his formulation of the

Ontological Argument

for God's Existence using Modal Logic - purchase some of his works immediately.  He has made tremendous contributions in each of these areas, has been called "the Greatest Christian Philosopher of our Time", and also happens to be the favorite Christian intellectual of William Lane Craig!

- Pastor J.