(Pt.2 ) Evil, Suffering, and GOD? - Dr. Alvin Plantinga

Is the "Problem of Evil" a problem for God? 

(pt.2 of 2) Dr. Alvin Plantinga, one of the brightest and most effective Christian philosophers today, offers some interesting reasons why there is no logical incompatibility between the existence of "Evil and Suffering" in the world and simultaneously a God that is All-Good, All-Knowing, and All Powerful.

Contrary to common opinion, since there is no logical incompatibility, there only remains an atheistic argument against God based on "improbability".  Unfortunately, atheists are in no position to make such bold metaphysical claims, not having access to the information necessary to issue such judgments.

The only Worldview that gives an emotionally satisfying and philosophically adequate answer to the problem and solution to the origin, explanation, and answer to the "Problem of Evil and Suffering" is that of Christian Theism - Biblical Christianity.  

All other Worldviews (Atheism, Agnosticism, Pantheism, etc....) must also grapple with and answer with this profound problem..... but they fail to do so successfully.

Have an Intelligent Faith..... and don't have the blind faith of Atheism!

- Pastor J.