Atheists Scholars Give Evidence for Easter! - Dr. Gary Habermas

Can Christians show that Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth as a Historical Event?

Can Christians demonstrate the Resurrection by using only 4 HISTORICAL FACTS?!?

Dr. Gary Habermas has pioneered one of the most effective approaches to demonstrating the historical nature of Resurrection:  

He only uses 4 historical facts, all of which are accepted by Atheist scholars of the New Testament.

This approach, called"The Minimal Facts" method, is not only unique in that it uses data accepted by Atheists, but it is arguably the quickest and most efficient way to discuss the "Core Historical Facts" surrounding Jesus of Nazareth.  

I encourage you to go to to investigate the great (and free) audio, video, and articles Dr. Habermas offers regarding the historical facts surrounding Jesus of Nazareth and His Resurrection from the dead.

This is an indispensable approach to use this Easter, as you share the Gospel and the Hope of Everlasting life - found only in the Risen Christ!

- Pastor J.