Christians Founded Modern Science?!? - Part 2


What can we learn as we look at the lives and scientific contributions of men such as Isaac


, Michael


, Leonardo

Da Vinci

, Francis


, or Louis



 One of many things that we see is that the majority of the "Founding Fathers" of modern science were dedicated Christian Theists.  These men saw scientific investigation, in a great variety of fields, as a fascinating way to uncover the design and handiwork of their Creator.

In this video series, we will address 

5 Reasons

 why science has 


 eliminated the classical and historical Christian concept of God, focusing on #1 in this video:


Scientific Founding Fathers

 - These individuals were primarily Christian Theists. 



- This is a logically self-defeating and self-contradictory concept.


Simple Irrelevance 

- Approximately 95% of scientific knowledge has no bearing on the ideas and truth claims of the Christian Worldview.


Strong Support 

- Approximately 5% of scientific knowledge that does intersect with the Christian Worldview is strongly supportive of Christian Theism. 


Single Perspective

 - Scientific knowledge is only one of many reliable methods we can use to obtain solid understanding and knowledge about reality.

I hope that you will stay with us as we continue to investigate this important question in light of the scientific, historical, and logical evidence - 

"Has Science Eliminated The Need For God?"


- Pastor J.