Dawkins: Pigs over Humans?!?

Richard Dawkins Ranks Live Pig Above Human Fetus

At his National Review Online blog, Discovery fellow Wesley J. Smith hammers Richard Dawkinsfor his tweet that a human fetus has less intrinsic value than an adult pig. Presumably, many on the right will share Smith's dismay. But how many are willing to acknowledge that the Dawkins view is the logical extension of his Darwinism?
Does it matter? Well, yes. Dawkins, and atheistic Neo-Darwinists like him are the new advocates for eugenics, and other atrocious moral behavior that fits nicely with their naturalistic worldview.
Ideas have consequences....Remember Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, and Mao?  Interesting that all of them subscribed to atheistic naturalism and the theory of Darwinian evolution.  
Might this type of talk from Dawkins and others like him be cause for concern?