"Does Truth Exist - Is It Knowable?" - Pt.1

Can we even know what the Truth about Reality is?

Lesson #3 - RTB Video Apologetics Class

(pt.1 of 4)

Does Truth exist?  Even if it does, can we know it?  Are we in the dark like Immanuel Kant said that we are?  Should we be absolutely skeptical as David Hume told us we should be?

This is Lesson #3 of our "Reason To Believe" Video Apologetics Class.  Here we will begin to discuss the all important question of truth, and whether it can be known at all.  We will be examining the claims of Relativism, Agnosticism, Skepticism, and Postmodernism, and see what they claim to be the truth about truth. I encourage you to tune in for all four parts of this lesson, and see if theTheory of Truth that you believe is logically consistent and coherent, or if perhaps it should be exchanged in favor of another approach.

- Pastor J.