"Has Science Made Belief in God Obsolete?" - Dr. JP Moreland

How does the Christian Worldview intersect 

with modern scientific research?

In this lecture, Dr. JP Moreland, a widely recognized Christian philosopher at Biola University, addresses and tackles this interesting and vital question.

As you listen to "Has Science Made Belief in God Obsolete?" you will hear 5 clear reasons why this is not the case, and how you can better answer those people who pose the same question to you.

I also encourage you to go to our"Reason To Believe" podcast on Itunes and download the teaching and PDF notes that I gave on the same topic -

Episode #19 "Has Science Eliminated The Need For God?"

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In this modern day culture of "Scientism" which often exalts science as the only reliable way to discover truth about reality, it is vital for Christians to be able to give intelligent and reasonable answers when confronted with this challenge.

Have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.