How to Deal with Disagreeable Aspects of Christianity

Greetings Dr. Craig,
I have a bit of an unusual dilemma. I'm not at all opposed to the idea of God, nor His intense and challenging construct for the salvation of mankind. I don't even balk at His insistence of worship! The unusual bit is that, unlike so many agnostics and unbelievers, I'm not hateful toward God for His dealings with, for example, the Amalekites, nor the practice of circumcision, nor many other "stumbling blocks." I just don't understand how I can subscribe to the idea of committing myself to Someone who would dictate such disagreeable (to my sensibility, anyway) things without feeling some sort of intellectual suicide on my part. How can I rectify these feelings?
I also want to say that I appreciate your masterful skills of debate and logic. You always comport yourself with graciousness and respectfulness even in the face of unwarranted attacks and insults. Thank you.
United States

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