Medical Examination of Jesus' Crucifixtion

What does the human body go through during Crucifixtion?

On "GOOD FRIDAY", what did Jesus of Nazareth experience physically on the Cross?

The Crucifixtion and death of Jesus of Nazareth, is one of the firmest established facts of historical research.  At least 17 Non-Christian historical sources testify to Jesus life, ministry, death, and disciples belief that He literally rose and appeared to them, just days later.  Many of these Non-Christian sources focus on the documented event of the gruesome capital punishment He received at the hands of the Roman soldiers. (We posted extensively on our site regarding this evidence under "Ancient Non-Christian Sources for Jesus of Nazareth".  You can also download a paper on the historical quotes


from Dr. Gary Habermas)

Question is:

What exactly could one expect to feel, physically, as one was to be crucified?  What exactly did crucifixtion and the associated tortures do the body of Jesus of Nazareth?

As millions celebrate "Good Friday" today, for all followers of Christ, and even for those who only know Him as an extremely important historical figure, this question deserves investigation.

- Pastor J.