Atheist PhD & World Famous Geneticist now believes in GOD!

What led Dr. Francis Collins, head of the "Human Genome Project", to become a believer in the Christian God?

In this short CNN interview, he details his attempts to validate and 'prove' his atheistic arguments and beliefs.  He admits that some of the arguments he had simply "cooked them up" in his own mind. 

Later he decided to study Medicine, and he came face-to-face with the reality of human suffering and death. This caused him to reflect upon what he truly thought about the

possibility of God's existence, and the human hunger for life beyond the grave.

All the while, he was coming to grips with reality of the pre-installed program of "Moral Law" that operates within humanity, which functions as a sign-post to point towards the

Moral Law Giver - GOD.

Interesting insights from one of the most highly qualified scientific minds of our time. Listen to his own words of how science, philosophy, and the awareness of human mortality led him to give his life to the GOD of Christianity.

- Pastor J.