"Atheistic Scientism is a SELF-DEFEATING Idea" - Part 5

Is it possible that many Atheists hold to a self-contradictory view of Science, called "Scientism"?


In this fifth installment, we will examine Reason #2: the logically self-defeating claims of "Scientism", and how many of today's atheistic researchers subscribe to this erroneous view of science.  We will also go over more that  a dozen highly qualified modern scientists who hold very strongly to belief in a Creator God.

The goal of this series is to delineate at least 5 Reasons why science has NOT eliminated the classical and historical Christian concept of God:

1. Scientific Founding Fathers - These individuals were primarily Christian Theists. 

2. "Scientism" - This is a logically self-defeating and self-contradictory concept.

3. Simple Irrelevance - Approximately 95% of scientific knowledge has no bearing on the ideas and truth claims of the Christian Worldview.

4. Strong Support - Approximately 5% of scientific knowledge that does intersect with the Christian Worldview is strongly supportive of Christian Theism. 

5. Single Perspective - Scientific knowledge is only one of many reliable methods we can use to obtain solid understanding and knowledge about reality.

I hope that you will stay with us as we continue to investigate this important question in light of the scientific, historical, and logical evidence - "Has Science Eliminated The Need For God?".

- Pastor J.