"Is Science The Ultimate Truth?" - Part 7

Can we learn truth about reality apart from empirical knowledge?


In this seventh and final installment, we will examine Reason #5: That although the scientific disciplines are a good avenue to obtain certain truths about reality and the universe we, inhabit, they are by no means the only pathways to reliable knowledge about our world.  

There are many other forms of truth that are important and necessary for a fuller understanding of our human experience.

The goal of this series is to delineate at least 5 Reasons why science has NOT eliminated the classical and historical Christian concept of God:

1. Scientific Founding Fathers - These individuals were primarily Christian Theists. 

2. "Scientism" - This is a logically self-defeating and self-contradictory concept.

3. Simple Irrelevance - Approximately 95% of scientific knowledge has no bearing on the ideas and truth claims of the Christian Worldview.

4. Strong Support - Approximately 5% of scientific knowledge that does intersect with the Christian Worldview is strongly supportive of Christian Theism. 

5. Single Perspective - Scientific knowledge is only one of many reliable methods we can use to obtain solid understanding and knowledge about reality.

I hope that you will stay with us as we continue to investigate this important question in light of the scientific, historical, and logical evidence - "Has Science Eliminated The Need For God?".

- Pastor J.