New guest blogger at Intelligent Faith, Dr. Samuel Inbaraja

Hey guys,

I would like to welcome Dr.Samuel Inbaraja Sundar M.B.,B.S., PGDipHM, C.O as our new guest blogger at Intelligent Faith 315. He originates from Pondicherry India where he works as a radiologist. He is involved in evangelism, apologetics and bible teaching for the past 12 years. His apologetics training includes RZIM Truth@life seminar, Bangalore, India in the year 2005 and has also been involved with the Pondicherry Apologetics Club since 1998. He also blogs at Christian Apologetics Alliance and also maintains quiet a few apologetics and Christian devotional blogs of his own. 

If you have any questions for Dr. Inbaraja you can email us at or him directly at and if you are interested in becoming a guest poster on our blog please email us!

and always remember to have an intelligetn faith!!