NOTE: Itunes is Hindering our RTB Podcast!!

Just wanted to let all of you know that our "Reason To Believe" podcast is being hindered by Itunes since we switched over to a different server.  We encourage you to enjoy the podcast episodes that you already have downloaded, and stay tuned for this problem to be resolved in the near future.  We will notify you when the "Reason To Believe" Podcast is up and running.

In the mean time, we encourage you to go the Google App store and download our NEW AND IMPROVED - "Intelligent Faith 315" app.  It is superior to the previous version, and will give you instant access to every new post, article, and video that we create.  Plus you will be able to access all of our archived resources for your own study.  You can also send us and questions you have regarding evidence or proof for the Christian Worldview, atheism, etc...  Of course, the IF315 app is free!!

Go download the NEW IF315 app..... and have an Intelligent Faith!

- Pastor J.