Questions about the Cosmological Argument

Dear Dr. Craig
I’m a Muslim student from Iran. I’ve been really interested in your arguments and writing especially since I saw your works on Kalam cosmological argument. We have learned cosmological argument from contingency and along with my classmates we think that it really sounds. We considered the answers to objections made by Russell, Hume and etc.
I had two questions sir
1. Do many philosophers believe that no current version of cosmological argument does not sounds? And if so, what is the reason?(at least in your idea)
You once wrote in one of your comments that actually there s nothing all philosophers believe with no doubt! Is this the same or are they really retracted in current philosophy? second question is about your personal carrier. Some atheists argue that you couldn’t find academic acceptance and thus you come up to advance public s knowledge, this made us sad. What is the truth sir?
I would really be thankful if you would answer me. I know you’ll probably receive many comments. I d wait no matter how long it takes
Best regards,

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