Why Atheism is Nonsense Pt.2 - Ignorant of the Definition of "Atheism"

Is Atheism simply "the lack of belief in a god"?

Is Atheism "the lack of belief in a god" as many contemporary atheists, such as the late Christopher Hitchens, would have you think?

Or is it a POSITIVE CLAIM TO KNOWLEDGE that needs justification to be accepted and believed?  If the claim of Atheism is a that the idea "God exists" expresses a false proposition, then it is a truth claim that must be defended rationally. Sadly, most atheists aren't even aware of this, and like Christopher Hitchens, simply attempt to dodge the question rather than giving positive arguments and proof for Atheism.


"The Absence of Evidence, is not itself Evidence of Absence."

 One only need to reflect upon scientific investigations, and criminal detective work to see this.  In addition, there is not an "absence of evidence" with Theism, as there are great and robust intellectual demonstrations of God's existence. 

A few examples would include the following philosophical proofs:

- The Moral Argument

- The Kalam Cosmological Argument

- The Leibnizian Cosmological Argument

- The Thomistic Cosmological Argument

- The Design Argument

- The Argument of Mathematical Applicability

- The Argument of Logical Applicability

- The Conceptual Argument

- The Argument from Desire

- The Argument from Beauty

- The Modal Ontological Argument 

- The Historical Argument of Jesus of Nazareth's Life, Death, and Resurrection

As I've said before, I simply don't have enough "blind faith" to be an Atheist.  I need to have good logical and rational reasons, that are compatible with reality, in order for me to subscribe to a particular philosophy or worldview.  Only the Christian Worldview passes the test!

- Pastor J.