Why Atheism is Nonsense Pt.3: "Human Reason & Love are Mere Matter and Chemicals"

Another reason why the intellectual price-tag is much too high, in order to go along with the atheistic & naturalistic worldviews:  

Human reasoning, consciousness, love and emotions are reduced to mere chemical reactions and random atomic combinations.

Of course, if a person is to be consistent with this line of thinking, then this as (as Dr. Alvin Plantinga puts it) a very strong

"Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism"

.  If Evolution selects features, such as intellectual development, on the basis of survivability fitness - it makes no selection based upon truth detection in the human brain/mind.

In other words, if our brains/intellect evolved only to help us survive, then

they are unreliable for gathering truth about reality

(since they didn't evolve to select and recognize truth), and therefore the evolutionary man

must doubt his belief in the truth of naturalism, evolution, atheism, etc....


"Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism"

shows that, if consistently analyzed, the process of the evolution of the human brain/mind is itself a self-defeating concept to the idea of Naturalism.

The question is, however, are there any Evolutionists or Naturalists that are

intellectually honest enough


consistent enough in their reasoning

, to admit it???

- Pastor J.