"In the Image of God" - The Anthropological Argument for God's Existence" - part 1

Is there any way toobjectively test the idea that humanity was created by God?  

Is there anything that we can look at that might show us a "signature" of God upon mankind?

This is where the "Anthropological Argument for God's existence" comes in.  In this first instalment, we will be examining the acronym I.M.A.G.E. and the 5 areas that give strong and plausible evidence that mankind was indeed fashioned by a Creator, and "made in the image of God." 

Over the course of this mini-series, we will be examining mankind's capacities/properties:

1. Intellectually - Humanity's impressive mental abilities.

2. Morally - Mankind's hunger for justice and perceptions of moral values and duties.

3. Artistically - Humanity's ability to create and appreciate beauty.

4. God-hungry - Mankind's hunger for the transcendent, including famous atheists.

5. Empirically- The evidence empirically that our bodies have been intelligently engineered.

I hope you will join us for the duration of the series!  

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- Pastor J.