Is LOGIC important, as we defend the Christian Worldview? - Dr. Norman Geisler

Why should Logic be a subject of interest to Christians?

As you will hear from Dr. Norman Geisler, logic is fundamental to all we think about intellectually as Christians.  Logic, being the rules for right thinking, flows from the very being of GOD Himself, and is "hardwired" into the fabric of our Reality.

The only way to try and "disprove" the importance or reality of the Laws of Logic, is to use them in doing so.  There is no "getting behind" these laws of thinking, since they are basic and self-evident in our experience as human beings.

If you have never studied the Laws of Logic, I would highly encourage you to do so, since they are very helpful as we discuss and defend our Worldview to those around us.  Here are some major examples of the Laws of Logic:

  1. Law of Identity:  (A is A) Something is what it is.  Something that exists has a specific nature.
  2. Law of Non-Contradiction:  (A is not A and -A) Something cannot be itself and not itself at the same time, in the same way, and in the same sense.
  3. Law of Excluded Middle:  (Either A or -A) A statement is either true or false.  Thus, the statement, "A statement is either true or false," is either true or false.

For an interesting article on the Laws of Logic and how Atheism/Naturalism CANNOT rationally account for them click HERE for an article by Dr. Matt Slick at

- Pastor J.