He came to Puerto Rico with the U.S. military, as a non-christian, in 1997.  After having completed a personal 2 year investigation of the historical, scientific, philosophical, and prophetic evidence for the Bible, and the dedicated friendship of a Christian, he finally gave his life to Christ in August of 1998 at the age of 20.  He have had the privilege of walking with Him ever since.

He came to Calvary Chapel of PR in 1999 for a weekend seminar on God's Grace. CCPR quickly became his new family, and he began to serve the Lord in any way he could.  He quickly developed an insatiable appetite for the Truth of God's Word, and began to devour the Scriptures as much as possible.

Now, after having lived in PR and walking with the Lord for about 15 years, he has the wonderful privilege of teaching God's Word and serving as a pastor in Calvary Chapel PR.  The Lord has also graciously blessed him with his beautiful wife, Gina, who oversees Women's Ministry, and two wonderful sons, David and Michael. The Lord is good and gracious to all who look to Him (Ps. 16)!


Although Nelis grew up in the church, he never had a personal relationship with the Lord. After leaving his birth country of South Africa in 2001 at the age of 22, he came to the US and in 2002 to Puerto Rico. In August of 2004 he gave his life to God together with his wife. 

He has been interested in apologetics from the start, but the final push for him came when some friends started asking questions that he had difficulty answering. He now serves in his local church, Calvary Chapel Puerto Rico, in various positions. He has been married for almost 10 years to his amazing wife Inorca and has 3 amazing kids, Hendrik, Lukas and Sarah.